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Friday, September 02, 2005

Recording The First Show (or not)

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I decided that today was the day when I would be recording the first show, an introductory podcast, in which I will tell my listeners why they should care to listen. I got everything ready, made over an hour of soundchecks with various recording levels.

Then I am ready to do this. I press record and walk over to the microphone. At that very moment, a gardener on the other side of the street begins blowing dust and all you can hear is the whirring noise of his blower. My first reaction was - of course - "you've got to be kidding me!". Then I saw the humor in the situation, stopped recording and began surfing around a bit.

30 minutes later, the neighborhood is quiet. I hit record, and as I sit down in front of the mic the blower starts up again. This time, I laugh out loud. These are the moments when I wish I had a cellar.