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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Instructions: How to subscribe to The Project Management Podcast

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In order to subscribe to The Project Management Podcast you will need:

  • An MP3 Player
  • Podcatcher Software

If you own an iPod, you will also be using iTunes on your computer. Starting with version 4.9 you can subscribe to podcasts using iTunes. Download and install the latest version of iTunes and then simply click on the Click to subscribe in iTunes icon. This click will launch iTunes and take you to The Project Management Podcast's page in the iTunes directory. Here, click on the [SUBSCRIBE] button and the downloads will start automatically.

If you are using any other kind of podcatcher software (like iPodder or Doppler), then drag and drop the the Subscribe to The Project Management Podcast icon into this software and the download should start.

If you just want to listen to a single show via your computer's speakers, simply click on the "You can listen to the show by clicking here" link that I provide for each show.