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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Project Execution: Tech Surprise

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Over the last few days I have been reading any and every online article about podcasting. I learned about the basic features of Audacity, I searched high and low for information on what microphone to use and I educated myself on RSS. My eyes were and still are bloodshot from staring into the monitor for so long.

While I was doing this, I also dug out my old Euro Channels ECM-2020 microphone to make a few pilot recordings. It's so old, you won't find a single mention on Google. Man it sounded bad! I followed the audio instructions I found and applied all the effects in Audacity that were suggested to make my recordings sound better. Not a bit of improvement. Just a crappy sound with lots of hiss. I drove around to shop for a microphone but haven't bought anything yet. At the same time, I was also fiddling around with my home network. Having lost the connection between the two computers a long while back, my wife and I were forced to share just one - rather sad for two surf-junkies like us. I finally got it working again this morning, installed Audacity on the second computer, plugged in my old microphone and got a clean, crisp great sounding recording. Looks like I have to throw away my first computer and not my microphone.

Unfortunately, the fan on my second computer is so loud that it can be heard clearly on every recording. What did I expect? This is after all a technology project and these obstacles are here so that I can present a workaround to my sponsor.