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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Project Initiation

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Over the past 3 months, the idea of creating The Project Management Podcast has resurfaced several times in the mind of my customer (i.e. myself.) I toyed with the idea and then dismissed it. But it came back. And I dismissed it once more. When it came back again two weeks ago I decided that it was time to act. I surfed around in order to see what was out there and found very little on the topic of "project AND management AND podcast".

I found Lisa Sieverts's Podcast which she started in January 2005 but she only posted an introductory postcast and a few small test soundfiles. I found a very good interview with Dave Po-Chedley on The Cranky Middle Manager Show. The show's main focus is however not on PM. And I found a few PM MP3s on Educause. (I may find more as I keep searching and will post it here).

The more I thought about this project, the more I got hooked on the idea. Even though I cannot begin to analyze if there is a market for The Project Management Podcast out there, there is definitely a niche. So I began jotting down ideas for possible shows, discussed it with my wife and PM colleagues and decided that I wanted to give this a try. The project got a green light and appropriate funding from our sponsor (i.e. myself... again.)