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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Project Planning: The Technology

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OK... I have an iPod and the most sensible technology, seemed that I buy a microphone for my iPod, so that I can record The Project Management Podcast on the fly with my iPod, right? Wrong. Well, mostly wrong.

I did what I always do at the start of a new project - I asked "Question No. Zero": Who do I know who did this before me? The answer is of course: other podcasters. I surfed to Google, spent a few hours reading up on the technology and came to a conclusion as to what iPod accessory I needed in order to start podcasting.

First I bought a Griffin Lapel Mic plugged it into the iPod and nothing happened. Turns out, that in order to use the Lapel Mic, you also need the Griffin iTalk. But is this fact clearly described on the Griffin webpages...? Not really. Now that I know the facts, I can see that the wording of the Lapel Mic page kinda sorta describes it. Oh... and since the iTalk is a mono recording device, and since the iTalk also seems to dictacte what is recorded by the iPod I only get mono recordings even if I use the stereo Lapel Mic.

But that's only half my problem.

Turns out, that the iPod's firmware is only capable of recording at 8Khz. I learn very quickly, that you need at least 22 to make anything sound good. I am absolutely crushed. I have been leading projects for the last 15 years and I know how to plan for and execute a product selection. And I go and fail with something like this.

I hang my head low and meet my sponsor for a status update.