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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Episode 37: Project Politics? We don't have no Project Politics!

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In this episode, The Project Management Podcast™ is demystifying the "dirty" business of Project Politics. In our interview with Brian Irwin, President of PM Team Dynamics (, we discuss why we have politics on projects and what we as project managers can and must do in order to use politics as an opportunity to make our projects succeed. Brian and the publisher of his upcoming book on politics have donated two books for us to give away: Neal Whitten's No-nonsense Advice For Successful Projects and Essential People Skills for Project Managers. Listen to the announcement following the interview to learn how you can win a copy. We also have a survey on the website that we'd like you to invest 3 minutes of your time in and and we look at upcoming project management seminars around the world.

Our Interview guests Brian Irwin suggests the following two books:

- Neal Whitten's No-nonsense Advice For Successful Projects
- Waine Strider: Powerful Project Leadership

Helpful Resources, News and Events:

- Power, Politics And Influence In Projects (Johannesburg, South Africa, June 27-30, 2006)
- Project management for construction companies (NE England, 2006)
- 1° Seminário de Gerenciamento de Riscos do Distrito Federal (Brasilia, Brazil, June 20-21, 2006)
- Successful Project Management Seminar (Dublin, Ireland, June 27, 2006)
- Project Management Office Summit (San Diego, USA, June 28-29, 2006)