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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Episode 31: The PMI Consulting SIG

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The PMI's Consulting SIG is today's main topic. A SIG is a Specific Interest Group, which brings together project managers from all over the world who share a common interest. The PMI currently has about 30 SIGs. We interview the chair of the Consulting SIG, Frank Parth, PMP (President of Project Auditors). We discuss what the SIG does, how it overcomes the obstacle of having a worldwide membership and what benefits you receive in becoming a member of the Consulting SIG. In our weekly segments we look at four great helpful resources and the Tip of the Week was sent in by Sai Prasad, PMP, from Chennai in India.

Helpful Resources, News and Events

- Online Books for PMI Members (Use your PMI member ID and Password)
- "Who should run projectcs?" (An interesting discussion in Google Groups)
- A Study of Software Methodology "Great Taste or Less Filling" (*.PDF)
- Knowledge Management In Complex Project Environments (London, May 18, 2006)