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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Show 19: Soft Skills II - Interview with Moty Koppes

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Show notes: We continue to look at the soft skills in project management and proudly present a wonderful interview with Coach Moty Koppes. Her website is at and you can write to her at We are also giving away two free licenses for VIP Team To do List - listen to the show to hear how to participate.

Helpful Resources (today, we are focusing on PM methodologies in response to Etienne Danois-Maricq's question):

- Various whitepapers & articles on PM methodologies
- TenStep PM Methodology (Affiliate Link)
- Method 123 PM Methodology
- Project Smart PM Templates (some free)
- Gantthead's deliverables, project plans & checklists

Project Management in the News
- Hill Consulting Launches a New Project Management Methodology and a Free Offer
- Hansoft Releases Next-Gen Game Project Management Update